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Smoother Sailing:
Events Logistics Secrets Revealed.

There is nothing more important to attendees at conferences and tradeshows than smooth registration and speedy check-in. Our technology and systems are designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind to eliminate lines and provide fast and simple to use software and devices. The on-site registration for new registrants and self check-in for pre-registration combined with automatic badge printing enable handling a large volume of attendees quickly and efficiently. The system scales to accommodate events of various sizes, from small meetings to large conferences, trade shows and trade fairs.




At the self-check-in kiosk, attendee scans the confirmation barcode received at registration completion or simply types it.




Attendee reviews the registration information and how the badge will look. Make changes if necessary.




As soon as the attendee confirms registration info and badge look, the badge automatically prints on the nearby printer.

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Yes, our on-site badge printing supports various badge types, allowing for differentiation between different participant categories, each with its set of relevant information.

Your choice of Laptops & barcode scanners and/or iPads with table or floor stands and badge printers. Our on-site system is designed to be user-friendly, often the devices come configured requiring minimal setup and training on the show floor.

The system allows attendees to reprint badges on-site, providing a convenient solution for lost, damaged, or updated badges.

Self-service kiosks are designed to be user-friendly for check-in, allowing attendees to scan their confirmation barcode, type their confirmation number or search for their name, review their latest registration information and print badges independently, reducing wait times and lines.

Yes, post-event reporting tools are available, providing organizers with insights into attendance patterns and other relevant metrics.

The system can operate in an offline mode if there are connectivity issues. Data is synced once connectivity is restored.

Yes, organizers can typically choose from various options for badge holders or lamination to ensure the durability of badges during the event.

We provide on-site staff and support personnel during the event to assist with any technical issues or inquiries.

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