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fpLeads is an essential tool for capturing and managing leads at events, trade shows, trade fairs, conferences, and other networking opportunities. It is flexible to adapt to any type of events.

fpLeads is a native lead retrieval app for both smartphones and tablets. It’s not browser-based with a reliance on HTML and a live internet connection. Offline Mode allows fpLeads to function even without an internet connection and syncing data once connectivity is restored.

The fpLeads lead retrieval app is synonymous with exhibitor satisfaction, reliability, and simplicity. Its intuitive design and function mean exhibitors start capturing and qualifying leads the minute they run the app. The fpLeads app is just the starting point for a powerful, integrated lead generation and follow-up system. fpLeads scans all common barcode types including QR codes and PDF-417.




Quickly capture leads information by scanning attendee badges. No barcode, just type the badge number. No badge at all, type the attendee info. Don’t miss this lead.




Indicate product preferences, follow-up urgency, level of authority, rate interest and leave a note about your conversation.




All Leads are synchronized to the leads’ portal enabling real-time reporting and analytics to prioritize your outreach.


All Leads are synchronized to the leads’ portal enabling real-time reporting to head office allowing booth activities monitoring and ROI measuring.


Rate leads based on their potential value to allow sales teams to prioritize follow-ups.


Qualify your leads on the show floor using customized survey questions that match your ideal customer profile.


Instantly engage your leads with personalized emails sent directly from within the app.

Analytics &

Provide insights into lead interaction and engagement, including booth traffic and popular products or services.


Simplify the transfer of lead data between the app and external systems using bulk export.

Bird's Eye View

Show Organizer Bird's Eye View

Event at a Glance - Capture and view activities of all event participants anywhere throughout the event.

Prove Event ROI

Prove Event ROI to Exhibitors

Generate lead analysis reports to evaluate ROI and enhance presentations to prospective exhibitors helping to sell more space.

Identify Best Leads

Exhibitors Identify Best Leads

Filter leads in a wide variety of ways and send only the best leads to sales. Follow up quicker and get a leg on the competition

Connect Attendees to Exhibitors

Connect Attendees to Exhibitors

Let attendees view detailed exhibitors' information after visiting their booth enabling them to reach out without delay.

Ease of Use

How it works?


Receive a unique event code

Exhibitors pay a license fee to receive a unique access code for fpLeads app and an online leads account.

Customize lead qualifiers and follow-up actions

Login to fpLeads online portal using the account information provided in the licensing email to customize your lead qualifiers and follow-up actions.

Ready fpLeads to collect Leads

Download the fpLeads app onto your device from Apple's® App Store or Google Play. Enter the event code, check the event details and tap confirm. Do this as soon as you receive the event code.

Collect and qualify leads

Collecting leads is easy. Tap “New Leads” and scan the barcode printed on the attendee’s badge, when available, or enter the attendee badge ID to capture their info. Qualify captured lead by indicating their interest level, product preferences, follow-up urgency and adding a note to recall the conversation. Tap done to add the information to the leads database.

View reports and analytics

All leads are uploaded to fpLeads online portal. Login to the portal using the account information provided on fpLeads licensing email. View who stopped by the booth, filter on specific product interest or create a list based on follow-up urgency to help identify best leads.

Export captured leads list to use with CRM at event conclusion

Using the fpLeads app, tap the “More” menu icon then select “Email Leads” or simply export leads through fpLeads online portal.

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fpLeads lead retrieval app streamlines the process of capturing attendee information allowing exhibitors to collect and manage leads efficiently, spend time qualifying more booth visitors and distribute leads instantly to sales teams.

Prior to the event the exhibitor pays a license fee to receive a unique access code to gain access to event data. Once received, they enter the event code, review the event details and tap confirm. At the event, they can start collecting and qualifying leads by entering the attendee ID or scan the badge barcode, if available. The attendee information will be displayed on the screen. They can add notes, action items and answer survey questions. They tap done and the attendee information is added to the leads list.

Depending on the show organizer, exhibitors can typically capture contact information (name, email, phone), company details, attendee preferences, and any other data that the organizer is sharing with exhibitors.

fpLeads is designed to support multiple users scanning leads simultaneously, ensuring that each interaction is captured accurately. When ordering multiple licenses, each booth staff will have his or her license. Each one has his or her online account. A master account is created and each license account is tied to that master account allowing the team manager to view all leads from all licenses.

fpLeads requirements are integrated into fpReg, our registration software, and onsite check-in & badge printing services. However, if you wish to use your own or a third-party registration and badge printing system, fpLeads requires a unique registration ID (all numeric or alpha characters) to be assigned to each attendee. Although fpLeads can accommodate IDs of any length, we recommend 4 to 5 digits in length for easy input. This unique registration ID is then printed on the attendee's badge in a big enough font for exhibitors to read. We recommend 18 pt or higher.

If you wish to add a QR code to badges so that exhibitors can scan badges, here are the technical specs for badges that have QR codes: The QR code must be at least 0.75 x 0.75 inch square. QR Code error correction level must be Class M Reed-Solomon error correction. The QR Code module must consist of
4 x 4 pixels as a minimum. QR Codes must have at minimum 4 modules of quiet (white) space surrounding bar code. QR Codes must be printed on a white badge stock using black ink. Printer must be 300 dpi resolution or greater.

We require you to send us the registration database roughly 2 weeks prior to your event, then an additional one a week prior to the start of the event and then the final database, including on-site registrants, when the event closes. We will upload the information to fpLeads web portal and handle all inquiries from your exhibitors.

We recommend having a registration ID when there is a barcode on the badge because if for some reason a particular badge does not scan readily the exhibitor can quickly and easily type the registration ID into fpLeads. Sometimes exhibitors and/or attendees are uncomfortable when personal space is invaded, as when holding a badge scanning device close to the badge wearer's body. If a smartphone or scanner is held too far from or too close to a badge, the scan may fail. If lighting is insufficient or if there is glare off a badge holder, again, there may be failure to scan properly. For all these reasons, having registration IDs printed on the badge is a reliable fallback position. Surprisingly, we find a great many exhibitors prefer to enter an ID, rather than having to scan a barcode. Having both makes everyone happy.

No. A technician is not needed on site as most exhibitors will be using their own devices which they are already familiar with. We will provide training materials and phone support to show organizers and all exhibitors who purchase fpLeads before, during and after the show. However, on-site technical support is available upon request.

Yes. We offer exhibitors the option to rent an iPad at shows. The device comes with fpLeads installed and is already set up with the exhibitor’s access code ready to use.

Yes. fpLeads allows exhibitors to customize the data they collect based on their specific needs, such as interest level, product preferences, or follow-up urgency by adding custom qualifiers, survey questions and categorizing leads.

Exhibitors can access Lead data on fpLeads web portal for one year after event conclusion.

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