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Welcome to the Epicenter of Event Excellence! Fairplicity is your trusted partner in crafting extraordinary event experiences. With over 25 years of industry expertise, we specialize in cutting-edge tech solutions that elevate your events to new heights. Whether it's Lead Retrieval, Session Tracking, or Seamless Registration, we've got the tools and knowledge to help you achieve unmatched ROI and success.

Lead Retrieval

Quickly, yet, simply collect, qualify, and manage your leads on or out of the show floor.

fpLeads is an essential tool for capturing and managing leads at events, trade shows, trade fairs, conferences, and other networking opportunities. It is flexible to adapt to any type of event.

fpLeads is a native lead retrieval app for both smartphones and tablets. It’s not browser-based with a reliance on HTML and a live internet connection. Offline Mode allows fpLeads to function even without an internet connection and syncing data once connectivity is restored.

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Streamline the registration process, enhance attendee experience, and obtain valuable data and insights.

fpReg enables you to manage attendees registration, payments and logistics with fully configurable and feature rich online event registration system.

fpReg is a powerful form of design that supports rules, field types and validations so that every page and email template have your desired look and feel and functionality.

No more static reports!
Share dynamic reports with your client instantly with just a URL link. It's as simple as that.

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Event Attendance Tracking

Say goodbye to assumptions! Effectively track session attendance and gather valuable insights about engagement.

fpSessions helps show organizers assess session popularity and make informed decisions for future events. Know your most popular sessions, tracks and speakers, which rooms are filling up and monitor attendees’ activities.

Certify your attendees’ Continuing Education Units (CEU) based on specific criteria that you configure.

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Badge Printing

Smoother Sailing!
Handle a large volume of attendees quickly and efficiently.

There is nothing more important to attendees at conferences and tradeshows than smooth registration and speedy check-in. Our technology and systems are designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind to eliminate lines and provide fast and simple to use software and devices.

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Harness the potential of data and make smarter, more effective decisions based on spot-on metrics.




Creating a lasting impact by focusing on personalization, technology, comfort, and post-event engagement.




Optimize your event's ROI and ensure that it continues to provide value long after the curtains close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Solutions:
We Deliver on Your Event Tech Needs!

Although all our products work in harmony with each other to have a seamless experience, you can order one or more products as your event needs. Our products are compatible with other event technologies and will perform well.

Free email and phone support before and after the event as well as Free on-site support for registration, check-in and badge printing. Free on-site support for Lead Retrieval and Session tracking requires a purchase of 30 licenses or more. For lower quantities, we train your staff and provide phone support to you and your exhibitors as well as paid on-site technical support is available upon request.

No. All fpLeads lead costs are funded by exhibitors. There are no hidden costs or fees.

No. We don’t require any minimum number of licenses for fpLeads or fpSessions.

Absolutely. We offer iPad mini loaded with fpLeads ready to use for an extra charge.

fpSessions can be used to track attendance at conferences, seminars, schools, colleges, universities, workshops, and training sessions.

Yes, fpReg registration system allows for the customization of registration forms, enabling you to collect specific attendee information tailored to the event's needs with unlimited fields, drop-down lists & multiple choice and use rules to control what fields are displayed based on registrant’s responses.

Yes, fpReg online registration system supports various pricing options, including early-bird discounts, group rates, and the application of promo codes to incentivize registrations.

Yes. Attendees can make changes to their registrations, update personal information, or transfer tickets within specified guidelines and parameters.

Our on-site system is flexible and can often accommodate last-minute changes, walk-ins, and special requests, ensuring adaptability during the event.

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