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fpSessions helps show organizers assess sessions popularity and make informed decisions for future events. Know your most popular sessions, tracks and speakers, which rooms are filling up and monitor attendees’ activities.

Certify your attendees’ Continuing Education Units (CEU) based on specific criteria that you configure.

From Chaos to Coordination:

Sessions with Spot-on Insights.

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Session Check-In / Out

A simple and efficient way for attendees to check in / out of sessions using QR codes, NFC technology, or manual entry - while providing a more accurate attendance metric.

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Multi-Session Tracking

Track the same individual attendance across multiple sessions. Ideal for tracking multi-session conferences and events.

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Session Scanning

Use QR code or barcode scanning technology to record attendees as they enter sessions.

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Allows the addition of more devices as needed.

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Real-time Analytics

Gather data on attendee demographics, engagement duration, and patterns within sessions while generating visual reports and graphs that showcase these trends.

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CEU and CME Generation

Automate Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) and eliminate the intensive labor previously required for certificate awards using configurable rules.

The process — Behind the scenes.

Specify Session

Let the room schedule run or select the session overriding the schedule.

Check-in Attendees

Scan attendees while entering the room and optionally when leaving.

Analyze scan data

Run reports and insight analytics to see most popular sessions, tracks, speakers, and attendee’s sessions and time spent.

Issue Certificates

Generate and print CEU & CME certificates online for eligible attendees.

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Online Dashboard

Full of insights. Easily monitor attendees’ activities in real-time

  • Check-ins & Check-outs
  • What rooms are filling up
  • Not enough chairs? You will know that
  • Best performing sessions
  • Most popular tracks
  • Most popular speakers
  • Attendance listings
  • CEU/CME credits
  • Certificates issued

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How it works?

Follow these easy steps to setup Sessions.
Automate this process when using fpReg.

Prepare for setting up fpSerssions
(Specify sessions schedule & generate event code)

Upload the sessions schedule along with where it is held to your online management account. If you are using fpReg, this is done automatically. Next, generate fpSessions event code.

Setup fpSession for your event

Download fpSessions from Apple’s App Store and enter fpSessions event code. Select the room where the device will be stationed and start the schedule. The session will display automatically when its time comes. fpSessions is adaptable to changing schedules so you can change rooms on the fly. You can always override the schedule and select a specific session.

Scan attendees

Scan attendee badges when entering the room to check them in. Enable self-scanning mode to let attendees scan themselves. If there is a need to calculate the time spent in the sessions, scan attendees when leaving the room.

Upload scan data

fpSessions will upload the scans automatically when the device is connected to the Internet. For real time reporting make sure that the device is connected to the Internet.

View Reports and analytics

Login to your online management account and run sessions reports.

Issue Certificates

Email eligible attendees a link to their certificates allowing them to view it, print it and download it.

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Session tracking provides valuable insights into attendee activities and interests, helps optimize event schedules, and facilitates better resource allocation such as what rooms are filling up, what speakers and tracks are most popular and which sessions are performing best.

fpSessions can be used at conferences, seminars, schools, colleges, universities, workshops and training sessions.

fpSessions scans all common 1D and 2D barcode types used for conference and tradeshow badges including QR codes, PDF-417, Code 39, Code 128, UPC and EAN.

Yes. We provide reports and analytics tools that provide insights into session attendance, helping organizers assess the popularity of different sessions.

Organizers can make last-minute changes to the session schedule within the system, and updates are reflected in real-time in fpSessions.

Depending on system permissions, speakers or moderators may have access to relevant session attendance data for post-event analysis.

We will train your staff prior to the show and phone support is available to assist with any technical issues or inquiries related to session tracking and check-in before, during and after the show. On-site technical support staff are available upon request.

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